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Indlæg by Malaketh on Ons aug 13, 2014 12:50 am

The vampire was originally a human how has been turned into a vampire though bloodletting, if human wish to transform into a vampire they will have to let the vampire suck them dry off blood, and just before death the vampire will have to give it own blood back to the human. A lot off stories tell that vampires are pale beautiful beings, but it is eventually not true. A vampire will look just like any other human, the only thing that tells people that person is a vampire is the unnatural pale skin and the cold body temperature, a vampire is as cold a corpse. They have no pulse and no need for air which means that vampire can't die of the same things as humans can. Poison, sickness and other normal human weakness can't touch a vampire.

Transformation into a vampire is painful, in most case a human can only lay on grown and scream in pain until the transformation is done. The human body will die, and that will also mean that vampire can get permanent from sex, sex with a vampire will result into nothing. With a dead body comes a unnatural low body temperature, the heart has stopped beating and blood with not be moved out into the body, the only time that vampire can feel a bit warm is after they have blood, but it only last for fire minutes.

Life as a new born vampire is hard, they new power, sans and abilities are often hard to get use to. Impulse will have changed, which often results into a more aggressive nature, the aggressive nature is easy to see when a new born needs blood.

The only way a person can get wried off a vampire is by exposing the vampire to sun light. Sun light will automatically kill a vampire in the matter off minutes, sun light is also very painful, and so some humans has come up with UV lamps and other weapons which holds UV light. UV light is a slow and painful death, and also a main way to torture a vampire. The tell about a cross, garlic and holy water is only a tell, but a stick of wood in the heart will eventually have the power to kill a vampire, silver has also proved to have an effect on vampire. But if a vampire is over 2000 years old then they will have evolute an immunity to silver, but for younger vampires it just a pain to get touched with silver, it burn into the skin and it can keep a vampire in place, which mean that if a vampire is left outside in silver then they will burn in the sun light. People can also cut the head off a vampire, but it will not kill the vampire until the body has been disposed of, the body and head most be burn in a fire in order to kill the vampire.

A vampire can eat and drink human food, but it will theist like ash to them and it will not stop the thirst for human blood. A vampire can only stop the thirst by drinking blood, a vampire without blood is a vampire with trouble. The body off the vampire is eventually made to shot down after a time without blood, which will lead to a coma which the vampire can't wake up from without help. A vampire can often control the need for blood after they have grown older, but a new born vampire will have drink drink blood each an everyday.

Vampires are immortal, the won't get older after the transformation is done which means that vampire will keep the same age as they where turned in. If a vampire wishes to change themselves they will have to go under the knife or have the ability to shapshift into another person. Vampires can move faster then a human, they also get psychical stronger over the years.

Development stages
0-2 baby years.
At this point the vampire is to young to display any kind a abilities beside basic vampire abilities, the baby vampire will be hard to control and they often have a constant need for human blood. Hunting will often result in the death or two-tree kill on one night. The baby vampire will also have to get use to the new sans, feeling which can be a hard thing to control.

3-50 teenage years.
At this point the vampire will have begun to get use to it new body, they teenage vampire will also begin to discover other abilities then just the basic. Psychical strength will also begin to grow, a small control over the thirst for blood will also start at this point, but the vampire will have to train if the wish to control it better.


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